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Welcome. Thank you for visiting. This website launched
on Lunaday 01 One 2011, the first day of Spring, for we are now using Metric Time.

Time is fundamental to our existence; without it we would be unable to understand the concept of future or past. Previous events would be muddled by obscurity, a sense of sequence or cause and effect lost. However time is more than that, it dictates how long to cook something for, allows a greater understanding of distance, and even gives meaning to location. It is what gives us perspective and forces us to focus.

Time is one of seven base units that allow us to measure all aspects of life, the others being length, temperature, electrical current, mass, amount of substance and luminous intensity. Out of all of these, time is the most difficult to comprehend and most fundamental to existence. Imagine living a day without referencing time.
It would be impossible. Even referring to a day requires a basic understanding of time, the cycle of Earth's rotation and orbit around the Sun.

We think in amounts of time when we undertake any task, aware of how we are dividing up our day. However, why do we not challenge this essential part of our vocabulary? Why twenty-four hours in a day? Why seven days in a week? Why twelve months in a year? All calendar systems are based around religious beliefs but in a world where people are becoming more secular isn't it time for a more pragmatic approach? The metric system is exactly that, forgoing old humanistic practices of measurement for a standardised system based around the number ten. This notion of changing our measurement of time is confusing and unnerving, however this website, based on a metric or decimal time system, tries to accomplish this feat and offers an introduction as to how this approach could be implemented.